New technology for modern day Tiger Moms in China
September 8, 2016

Can new technology help a new generation of parents give their children the childhood they never had.

Is Design Thinking destined to fail in China? Part 3: Current situation and future prospects.
August 11, 2016

In our final article, we decided to focus on some examples revealing the current development stage of Design Thinking in China. There are several…

Is Design Thinking destined to fail in China? Part 2: Is it going to work the same way it does in the West?
August 8, 2016

In our previous article, we discussed the reasons why China needs Design Thinking. It isn’t difficult at all to imagine how it could benefit the development…

Is Design Thinking destined to fail in China? Part 1: Does China really need Design Thinking?
July 28, 2016

It hasn’t been very long since Design Thinking was firstly introduced to companies in China. The big question is if Design Thinking…

Is Pokemon Go coming to China?
July 14, 2016

Within a few hours following Pokémon Go’s official release on July 6th, the servers across Southeast Asia were shut down…

Start Smart 2: Five Reasons Why You Need A Prototype to Raise Money
July 7, 2016

In truth, there isn’t a universally correct way to raise a startup capital. But as a design lab, we strongly believe that…



“The creative adult is the child who survived” – why creativity in the classroom matters more than ever?
July 1, 2016

Present-day economy is unpredictable and turbulent by nature. It has forced big corporations to turn innovation and creativity into imperatives for survival….

Work in China: building a highly effective multicultural team
June 23, 2016

Working in China can be gratifying and rewarding but also frustrating and demanding. Each day brings new trials and opportunities…

How Chinese Companies Are Disrupting The Tech Industry
June 16, 2016

Formerly known as the center of the global counterfeit industry, China had rather unexpectedly emerged as a motherland of powerhouse tech companies like Alibaba, Tencent…

So what’s new CES Asia?
June 9, 2016

One of the products we absolutely fell in love with is the OSMO game system for the iPad2 and above. OSMO consists…

China Guide : Your product is your brand
June 8, 2016

Your brand is your identity. It encompasses all that your company is, does and aims to be, and it’s fast becoming a key factor in what Chinese consumers…

Start Smart : A step-by-step guide on how to turn your idea into a winning business
June 7, 2016

One great idea could be all it takes to transform a clumsy nerd into a ‘rock star’ entrepreneur. That’s right, I am talking about you, Elon Musk…

5 Things to Expect from a Worthy Product Design Team
May 20, 2016

What unexpected things can you expect while working with a team of creative design experts?

The highs and lows of crowdfunding: What do you need to know.
May 7, 2016

“People who come to our website are looking for creativity”, said Kickstarter’s co-founder, Perry Chen. His words ring true now, as they did almost 20 years ago when the first crowdfunding campaigns…

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